When it comes to life, the saying goes that there are only a couple of certainties. Death and taxes. We're born, we pay taxes and then we die. Not much else is guaranteed in life. Of course, that's not always the case. When you start to dig deep you'll notice a few more certainties in life. The Rolling Stones will never stop touring. Your car, no matter how many times you think you've fixed it, will always need to visit your auto body shop. You will always be within close proximity to metal.

Those are just a few other certainties that we can think of when it comes to living your life. We're going to focus on the third one for now. Metal is found just about anywhere you go. In your bathroom, in your car, in the streets, in manufacturing plants, in your computer, in your eyeglasses, in your furniture, etc. Wherever you go, metal will be found somewhere. It's just a fact of life. A fact of life that people sometimes take for granted.

Since metal is everywhere, that means that there are a lot of jobs that involve the use of metal. At one point in your life you might even find yourself working with metals. Whether that's working with tool-die machines, precious metals, grinders, hammers, shovels, drills, wrenches, or sheet metal, just to name a few. Metal and metal related products have been around for a really long time and they won't be going away any time soon. That's for sure.

There are a lot of jobs available in the metal or metal related industry. You just have to look for them. Pick up your local newspaper to browse their classifieds section or do a quick online job search on Workopolis.com for jobs working with metals. You might come across such results as sheet metal fabricator, packaging lead weights, aircraft mechanic, pipe-fitter, heavy machinery driver, concrete fabricator, commercial painter, and tool and die maker, just to name a few. Either you'll be working directly shaping metal into some sort of product or you'll be working with tools and supplies made out of metal such as metal rotary airlocks or nails.

The next time you are on the prowl for a new job, take a moment to see how many of those jobs involve working with metals of some kind. You might be astonished at the high results.

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