A hammer or screwdriver, made out of a wooden handle, are a couple of examples of wood tools that many people are familiar with, but they're not the only wood tools out there.

If you've never heard of a wood lathe before, don't feel like you're too out of the loop, because there are many people out there that have no clue what a wood lathe is. Fortunately for you, and for them, we're here to spread the word about wood lathes, and let you know exactly what a wood lathe is, and what you can do with new or used wood lathes.

In the woodworking industry, a lathe is a piece of machinery that rotates workpieces, on the axis of the workpiece, in order to perform a number of different operations, such as drilling, sanding, cutting, knurling, facing, turning, or deformation, all of which is done with the help of additional tools that are attached to the workpiece. The purpose of a lathe is to create objects of symmetry.

There are different types of lathes, not just wooden lathes, used by woodworkers, but metal spinning, metalworking, glass-working, and thermal spraying also have their own version of the lathe. If you're wondering what types of wooden objects a lathe can produce, a few examples of the wooden objects that can be made on a lathe include cue sticks, table legs, and baseball bats.

When it comes to the different categories of lathes, woodworking lathes are the oldest types of lathes, and every type of subsequent lathe category since has come from the wooden lathe. That just goes to show you how important the wooden lathe is. When purchasing a wooden lathe, the first thing you will notice is how pricey they are. Once you come to grips with their price tag, the other aspect of wooden lathes that will catch your eye is how many different types of wooden lathes there are.

No matter what you would need your wooden lathe to do, or how fast you want your wooden lathe to turn, you will be able to find the perfect wooden lathe. If you're worried about how much they cost, you can always find a used wooden lathe that works just as fine as a new wooden lathe, but at a fraction of the cost.

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