When you think of the construction of a building the first materials that come to mind are likely wood and brick. This is what we usually see on the outside of homes and commercial properties. But more and more builders and architects are seeing the potential in using different kind of metals for all levels of structures. While you might have just seen it in nail and the central heating boiler twenty years ago now it is in everything from the framework to decorative pieces.

Iron and iron alloys are the metal that you will most commonly see in modern structures. Wrought iron was the first to be used and started finding its way into minor construction pieces and aesthetic areas as early as the middle of the 1700s. Cast iron, sheet iron, and steel came in throughout the next century. Now if you're making enough money at your cabinet factory that you can afford to buy a downtown condo you will likely found that it was constructed using an iron frame or reinforced concrete. This has iron bars at its core.

In roofing to plumbing you will find a lot of copper alloys and nickel alloys as well as the pure forms of these metals. Brass is a combination of copper and tin and you will find Monel, an alloy of nickel and copper, used in many building that were constructed around the beginning of the 20th century. This was the main precursor to stainless steel, which is now something many homeowners are looking for in their kitchens..

If you're looking into building a greener property than you might want to think about using some metal in the design. Those that are working with an architect to build a new home on top of a sunny hill might think of investing in cool metal roofing, for example. There are also many people who are opting to use recycled metal when building a green home. You will find some structures that are even put together using pieces like shipping containers or scrap metal.

Most people will not go far as to insulate their home with flattened beer cans or complete their basement entirely with materials they found discarded at the dump. But there are many metals that are now being used for all sorts of construction purposes. If you're building your own home than you might want to explore the most common uses and see if they will help you construct your dream home. If you're living in an area that's susceptible to extreme weather than you might find that you're able to make a more stable home with the help of metal framing.

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