Have you ever checked the pockets of your coat looking for loose change that you could use to buy a cup of coffee? Or how about shaking the seat cushions of your couch before taking it away to the dump? There's no shame in saying yes to either of those questions. Looking for spare change is something that everybody does and with good reason. You just never know when you're going to find money in your pockets that you didn't know you had.

Another way to make some fast cash without having to do much work is to sell your scrap metals. A lot of homes have scrap metal just lying around and most people just throw it out! Why do that when you can take it to your nearest scrap metal dealer and exchange it for cold hard cash? All you have to do is collect the scrap metals around your home, put them in your car and head on down to your nearest scrap metal collector.

The prices of metals changes on a regular basis so you might want to call around and get quotes to see how much scrap metal collectors are paying for scrap metals such as copper or aluminum. Some scrap metal collectors are willing to pay top dollar for your scrap metals because there might be a high demand for a certain type of scrap metal and they don't want to lose out to their competition. If that's the case then you might be able to bring home a little fortune in scrap metal ransom.

Scrap metal can be found in all sorts of places in your home or even at your place of business. Used chrome rims from your previous job, old appliances, old radiators, used photography film, wire rods from fence posts, used appliances such as fridges or microwaves, metal wire cutters, used electronics like DVD players, cell phones and televisions and brass pipe fittings are examples of scrap metals that you can sell.

Most people have many of the items we mentioned above lying around their house. You might even come across scrap metals around a park that you're walking around in your neighborhood that could be traded in for cash; you just never know.

Once you realize that scrap metals aren't junk but instead unclaimed money you will then start to unlock the power of scrap metals. The next you do a massive spring cleaning project in your home don't throw out any scrap metals! Keep them and cash them in. Not only will you be helping out your wallet but you could also be helping replenish products for the metal industry.

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