Metal. When you think of the word metal your mind usually goes to metal rods, heavy metal music or precious metal products such as the gold necklace you're currently wearing. Whether you own a horse farm, a condo or a house, there are plenty of metal items in your property. More than you probably ever thought possible.

We can't really blame you for not knowing how much metal is actually in your home. It's not like you go around to each room of your property with a metal detector to find it at all. To tell you the truth, that would actually be kind of weird. Other than items such as pots and pans, that you can clearly see is made out of metal with your own two eyes, there are many more items or areas in your home that have some type of metal.

The most common metal element that is found in your home is alloy. That's a type of metal that is made after blending it with other types of products. A lot frames and kettles situated throughout your real estate is made of aluminum alloy. Another form of alloy, in this case iron alloy, is the stainless steel sink you have in your kitchen. You probably have a lot of aluminum foil that you use to pack up food in your house. Just another item you don't think of as metal at first.

All the knives, spoons, forks, and probably trays in your home are made of nickel silver metal. Just think how many eating utensils you have in your condo. That's a lot of metal. Also, a lot of the screws, hinges and springs that hold together your doors, baseboard heaters or windows also have some sort of metal in them. We mentioned that gold necklace of yours having metal in it. The other more popular precious metal is silver. Just think how much silver is in your house. Probably a lot, right?

As you can see, there are a lot of metals in your home and that's just inside your townhouse. Just imagine how much metal is in your garage or car or workplace cubicle. Metal is all around us. Sometimes you can't see it directly but just know that there are a lot of items that wouldn't be in existence if it weren't for metal.

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